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Effect of elastic energy on the mechanical work and power enhancement in counter movement exercise of ankle joint

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  • 足関節の反動動作における弾性エネルギーが機械的仕事量および機械的パワーの増強に及ぼす影響


This study aimed to investigate the enhancement of the mechanical work and power in stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) movement of ankle joint, with specific emphasis on the relation with the contribution of elastic energy. Subjects (n=7) jumped on a sledge apparatus using only ankle joint with following three conditions: (1) plantar flexion without counter movement (PFJ), (2) plantar flexion with counter movement (CMJ), and (3) drop jump from a height of 26cm (DJ). In all subjects, mechanical work and power developed at the ankle joint increased in CMJ and DJ. The relative contribution of elastic energy to the total mechanical work during plantar flexion (Wtotlal) was 39.7% in CMJ and 71.7% in DJ. In both conditions, the relative increase in mechanical work and power over PFJ was significantly correlated to the relative contribution of elastic energy. The findings here indicate that 1) the mechanical work by reuse of elastic energy accounts for a large share of Wtotlal in the SSC movement of ankle joint, and 2) the mechanical work and power enhancement in SSC exercise depends on the degree of contribution of elastic energy to Wtotlal.


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