Hysteresis Phenomena of Shock Wave Structure in an Over-Expanded Axi-Symmetric Jet

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  • 過膨張噴流中の衝撃波形状におけるヒステリシス現象
  • カボウチョウ フンリュウ チュウ ノ ショウゲキ ハケイジョウ ニ オケル ヒステリシス ゲンショウ

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In two-dimensional over-expanded supersonicjet, it is reported that the hysteresis phenomenon for the reflection type of shock wave in the jet is occurred under the quasi-steady flow in the recent studies. The transitional pressure ratio between the regular reflection and Mach reflection in the jet is affected by this phenomenon. However, the phenomenon in the over expanded axi-symmetric jet has not been investigated satisfactorily. The purpose of this study is to clarify the hysteresis phenomena for the reflection type of shock wave in the over-expanded axi-symmetric jet experimentally and to discuss the relationship between hysteresis phenomenon and rate of the change of pressure ratio with time. Furthermore, the effect of Mach number at the nozzle exit on hysteresis loop was investigated for two kinds of nozzle.


  • Turbomachinery

    Turbomachinery 37 (9), 532-538, 2009

    Turbomachinery Society of Japan


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