E-print Archive in Scholarly Communication : Based on Findings of Electronic Media Use Study for Japanese Physicists

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  • e-print archiveという情報メディア : 日本の物理学研究者への利用調査に基づいて
  • e print archive ト イウ ジョウホウ メディア ニホン ノ ブツリガク ケンキュウシャ エ ノ リヨウ チョウサ ニ モトヅイテ

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In this article, we discuss the position of e-print archive in scholarly communication. We use the findings of electronic media use study for Japanese physicists as base for the discussion. This article has two features. One is to focus on the change in use and recognition for e-print archive from 1999 to 2003. The other is to consider the position of e-print archive by comparison of the position of electronic journal. As a result, there are no change in use and recognition for e-print archive from 1999 to 2003, namely, the theorists or young researchers tend to use e-print archive. Users for e-print archive tend to use electronic journals, and contribute an article to scholarly journals more frequently than non-user. To conclude, the users for e-print archive are the researchers who want to get that kind of information as soon as possible and don't have any means to get it except using for e-print archive. E-print archive is a kind of resources in informal communication.


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