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Structural Optimization of Autonomous Energy Networks by Mathematical Programming Techniques

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  • 自律型電力ネットワークの数理計画による全体構成最適化
  • ジリツガタ デンリョク ネットワーク ノ スウリ ケイカク ニ ヨル ゼンタイ コウセイ サイテキカ

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<p>The renewal of conventional energy systems is important countermeasures against global warming effects and natural hazards. A self-sustainable decentralized energy system is one of the promising solutions for future sustainable and resilient societies. In this paper, a mathematical programming model is formulated and design and utilization of the overall energy network is optimized based on the model, where stationary batteries are equipped. Through some numerical simulation results, the effectiveness and the potential, e.g. for clarifying the effect of the batteries, of the proposed model are investigated.</p>


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