Investigation about Robustness of Simple Adaptive Control for Air Fuel Ratio Control at Transient State

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  • 単純適応制御を用いた過渡時空燃比制御のロバスト性検討
  • タンジュン テキオウ セイギョ オ モチイタ カトジ クウネンヒ セイギョ ノ ロバストセイ ケントウ

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For an improvement of fuel consumption and emission purification, engine operating parameters, such as a valve operation, become variable. Therefore, an engine operation at a transient state was increased and an accuracy was increasingly required to control an air fuel ratio at transient state. This paper investigated the air fuel ratio control using simple adaptive control (SAC) for a transient state regulator. Then, a robustness against operating condition and system parameter were also investigated depending on an adaptive adjusting law of SAC. A high accuracy control result and robustness of the controller were shown by the experimental results.



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