Three Dimensional Behavior for Internal Fatigue Damage and Effect of Artificial Defect on Fatigue Properties of Cross Tension Typed Spot Welded Joints Using 300 MPa-Class SPCC

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  • 300MPa 級SPCC を母材とする十字引張型スポット溶接継手の三次元的内部疲労損傷挙動および疲労特性に及ぼす模擬溶接欠陥の影響
  • 300MPaキュウ SPCC オ ボザイ ト スル ジュウジ ヒッパリガタ スポット ヨウセツ ツギテ ノ サンジゲンテキ ナイブ ヒロウ ソンショウ キョドウ オヨビ ヒロウ トクセイ ニ オヨボス モギ ヨウセツ ケッカン ノ エイキョウ

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To investigate the fatigue fracture mechanism and effects of welded defects on fatigue properties in the cross tension typed spot welded joints using 300 MPa-class SPCC, fatigue tests and finite element analyses were carried out. It was examined spot welded joints have a comparatively high proportion of fatigue crack initiation life against the whole fatigue life. Moreover, it was clarified the welding defect whose size was 60% against the diameter of spot welded area didn’t affect the fatigue strength because there are no significant deference in the stress intensity factor at slit edge regardless the existence of welded defects.


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