A case of subclavian steal syndrome improved with stent placement and flow reduction of vascular access

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  • ステント留置術と透析用バスキュラーアクセス縫縮術によって改善した鎖骨下動脈盗血症候群の1 例

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A 71-year-old woman with vascular access for dialysis in her left arm demonstrated subclavian steal syndrome. Although the stenotic left subclavian artery was reconstructed with stent placement, antero-grade filling of the left vertebral artery was not obtained. Two months later, ultrasonography showed excessive flow of the vascular access and worsening of the retro-grade filling of the left vertebral artery. Flow of the vascular access was decreased with “banding technique” until filling of the left vertebral artery normalized. After the flow reduction of the vascular access, symptoms completely resolved. In the cases where the vascular access is present ipsilateral to subclavian artery stenosis, effect upon the subclavian steal syndrome of the vascular access should be considered.



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