Levitation and Propulsion for the Magnetically Levitated Conveyance System Using Two Phase Linear Motor

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  • 2相リニア磁気浮上搬送システムの浮上・推進に関する検討
  • 2ソウ リニア ジキ フジョウ ハンソウ システム ノ フジョウ スイシン ニ カンスル ケントウ

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The magnetically levitated conveyance systems have been developed. Most system consists of levitation (and guidance) section and thrust one. We have developed the conveyance system that realizes levitation and propulsion with single facility using two phase linear motor. In this system, levitation and propulsion system are combined. Control method for the propulsion system to get more stability is discussed. To obtain the propulsion force, modulation of the voltage applied on the primary windings is undertaken. Traveling field is generated and the carrier with the secondary iron core can move. Levitation force is given by attractive force between flux generated by the primary windings and secondary iron core. As we need only electrical power for FET switching on the carrier side, power supply system for carrier is not needed. From the experimental results, it is shown that this system realizes contact-less conveyance with various propulsion patterns.



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