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Effective Removal of Oil-mist and Odorous Component By Using Photocatalyst with Condensation

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  • 凝縮を併用した光触媒法による高性能オイルミストおよび臭気成分除去
  • ギョウシュク オ ヘイヨウ シタ ヒカリ ショクバイホウ ニ ヨル コウセイノウ オイルミスト オヨビ シュウキ セイブン ジョキョ

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  The air cleaning is one of the social problems from the view of the living environment and the health recently. A commercial kitchen and food factory generate the exhaust gas including the odorous components and the oil-mist, but it is difficult to clean this gas without frequent maintenance for disposal of oil. Various ideas have been suggested and used for it, but the decisive solution has not been found yet. This paper is concerning of proposal of the photocatalyst method which used the condensation together to clean the gas including oil-mist and odorous component, and it was clarified experimentally about the influence of operation condition and surface shape of the condensation side for the removal of oil-mist and the odorous components of formaldehyde, amine and ammonia.



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