Immunopathological study of periodontal disease


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  • 辺縁性歯周炎の免疫病理学的研究 VI  ヒト炎症歯肉におけるT‐cellの分布とその機能について
  • 第6報ヒト炎症歯肉におけるT-cellの分布とその機能について

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The localization and function of T-cells in the inflamed human gingivae were revealed by immunopathological studies. 21 of 40 gingival specimens showed flourescence positive by staining with FITC-labeled rabbit antiserum to human thymocytes. T-cells were mainly detected in the subepithelial connective tissue and partially in the deep layer of the gingiva as a cluster or scatter pattern. Morphological observation indicated that these T-cells were produced by blastoid transformation and beared formation of the local immune system in the periodontal tissue.<BR>It was concluded that the function of T-cells in the gingival tissue could be classified into three categories as follows:<BR>(1) help the formation of local B-cell immunity or T-cell immunity<BR>(2) tissue injuries by ADCC or cytotoxic factors<BR>(3) tissue defensive reaction by stimulation of mesenchymal cells


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