Immunopathological studies of marginal periodontitis


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  • 辺縁性歯周炎の免疫病理学的研究
  • IV-(1) Immunofluorescent localization of endotoxin in humman inflammed gingival tissue
  • 第4報: その (1) 螢光抗体法によるヒト炎症歯肉のendotoxinの局在性について

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This study was made to clarify the localization of Fusobacterium endotoxin in the human ginigival tissue with periodontal disease by utilizing FITC-labeled anti-endotoxin sera; the antisera were produced in rabbits by immunization of purified Fusobacterium endotoxin.<BR>Specific fluorescences showing invasion of the endotoxin were demostrated both in th egingival epithelium and subepithelial connective tissue with diffuse pattern and granular or fibrillar pattern. The former is suggestive of soluble endotoxin and the latter shows endotoxin contained within the bacterial cell wall. In the cases in which the specific fluorescences were observed in the epithelial tissue intracellularly and/or extracellularly, the histopathological findings by routine staining mostly revealed severe regressive changes possibly due to the cytotoxic effect of enclotoxin.<BR>On the other hand, in the subepithelial connective tissue, positive fluorescences were most commonly observed extracellularly except in a few cases which showed intracellular fluorescences suggesting that PMNs and macrophages engulfed the endotoxin. In these cases, the dense infiltration of chronic inflammatory cells was associated or the ext ensive necrotic changes were brought about.<BR>From the above-memtioned results, the actual location of endotoxin in the human inflamed gingiva and its close relation to tissue damage were proved.



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