Development of a Mobile Force Plate System

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  • 移動式フォースプレートの開発
  • 移動式フォースプレートの開発 : 柔軟でウエアラブルな床反力センサー
  • イドウシキ フォースプレート ノ カイハツ : ジュウナン デ ウエアラブル ナ ユカ ハンリョク センサー
  • −柔軟でウエアラブルな床反力センサ−
  • -Flexible and Wearable Ground Reaction Force Sensor-

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In clinical applications, the quantitative analysis of gait variability using kinematic and kinetic data can be helpful to medical doctors in monitoring patient recovery status. High-speed camera system and a stationary force plate can only accurately measure complete ground reaction force (GRF) and body kinematics during a few steps. However, data on successive gait measurements including three dimensional(3D) force and motion in different environments is really desired by clinical researchers and doctors. We have developed a mobile 3D force plate(M3D) by integrating small triaxial force sensors and 3D inertial sensors for estimating multi-axial GRF and orientations of feet during successive gait movements. In order to verify the measurements of the developed system, we used a stationary force plate as a reference measurement system to measure simultaneously the triaxial GRF when a subject was required to wear the M3D. Static and dynamic test experiments were implemented to validate the triaxial force measurement of the M3D. Experimental results verify that the developed system can be used to measure the triaxial force with acceptable precision. Therefore, the wearable system as an alternative device can be a potential solution for measuring triaxial GRF in non-laboratory environments.



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