Horse with Chronic Sinusitis Associated with Empyema and Nasal Polyp

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  • 蓄膿症および鼻ポリープを伴う慢性副鼻腔炎の馬1例
  • チクノウショウ オヨビ ハナ ポリープ オ トモナウ マンセイ フクビクウエン ノ ウマ 1レイ

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A 24-year-old thoroughbred horse with a persistent purulent nasal discharge was diagnosed with empyema. Despite antibiotic medication, the discharge continued. On palpation, a small mass was noted in the right nasal cavity. The mass extended to the nostril with a continuous discharge. Swelling of the frontal face became apparent. On necropsy, the dorsonasal turbinate mucosa, which was yellowish and gelatinous, had significantly thickened (2.5cm×7cm×25cm in size). A mass formed at the tip of the thickened mucosal lesion was observed protruding outside the nostril. Histologically, the mass consisted of granulation tissue with abundant mucinous substance. The mass was diagnosed as a nasal polyp.



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