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  • 介護保険制度導入前後の高齢者通所介護施設の地域的供給特性の比較
  • 介護保険制度導入前後の高齢者通所介護施設の地域的供給特性の比較 : 山口県における運営主体に着目した立地特性分析
  • カイゴ ホケン セイド ドウニュウ ゼンゴ ノ コウレイシャツウショカイゴシセツ ノ チイキテキ キョウキュウ トクセイ ノ ヒカク : ヤマグチケン ニ オケル ウンエイ シュタイ ニ チャクモク シタ リッチ トクセイ ブンセキ
  • -山口県における運営主体に着目した立地特性分析-
  • -Location trend analysis by the viewpoint of management organization in Yamaguchi Prefecture-

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 Nursing-care insurance revision in 2015 is a big turning point of supply of day care facilities for the elderly. According to that, the small-scale facility of a capacity with 18 or less users is classified into three types, such as satellite type 1 with a large-scale or middle-scale facility, satellite type 2 with a multifunctional Long-Term Care facility in a Small Group Home, and community-based service type. And the number of facilities classified into satellite type 2, and community-based service type is managed and restricted by the self-governing body. Moreover, nursing care compensation of community-based type is reduced by 9%.<br> From the above-mentioned social background, the purpose of this paper is to clarify the relationship between regional characteristics and management organizations of day care facilities for the elderly, and to consider an issue and an influence of facility supply by institutional revision in 2015, in Yamaguchi prefecture. The results are as follows.<br> 1) The middle-scale day care facilities with a nursing home are established by social welfare corporation in many areas of the prefecture before 2000. Private sector corporations establish many small-scale facilities centering on urban areas, and facility supply is rapidly progressing after 2000. On the other hand, in mountainous areas, although there was facility supply for filling the non-supplying district division by a social welfare corporation, as compared with urban areas, there is a little facility supply of a corporation for profit, and there is a disparity between mountainous areas and urban areas.<br> 2) Moreover, about facility form to be supplied newly, there are many ratios of newly-built facilities in urban areas, and there are many ratios of facilities repairing an existing building and facilities with a nursing home in mountainous areas. As compared with urban areas, although elderly ratio is high, since population is small, there is not much demand of social welfare services in mountainous areas. Therefore, when private sector corporations build a new facility in mountainous areas, it is necessary to achieve cost reduction of construction and it seems that the existing building was utilized.<br> 3) About location of the facilities in mountainous areas, a facility type with a nursing home or a group home tend to be located at the place distant from the central part. On the other hand, a small-scale and independent facility type tends to be located at the convenient place of the center part.<br> Since supply of the small-scale and independent facilities is restricted by institutional revision, it is thought that the number of supplies of them will decrease in the future. Although a facility type with an elderly housing and a nursing home continues being supplied by a corporation for profit in urban areas because social welfare services demand is large, it is expected that it becomes very difficult to supply a new facility in mountainous areas.



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