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  • NAKAZONO Mahito
    Prof., Graduate School of Science and Eng., Yamaguchi Univ., Dr.Eng.
  • YAMATO Sora
    Grad. Stud., Graduate School of Science and Eng., Yamaguchi Univ.
  • YAMAMOTO Sachiko
    Assist. Prof., Faculty of Eng., Info. and Systems, Univ. of Tsukuba, Dr.Eng.
  • KOH Syouken
    Lect., Graduate School of Science and Eng., Yamaguchi Univ., Dr.Eng.
  • USHIJIMA Akira
    Assist. Prof., Graduate School of Science and Eng., Yamaguchi Univ., Dr.Eng.

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  • 学童保育施設における平日放課後の集団規模と使われ方の関係
  • 学童保育施設における平日放課後の集団規模と使われ方の関係 : 農家の納屋を改修した2室3領域型児童クラブハウス「つばめの家」の事例研究
  • ガクドウ ホイク シセツ ニ オケル ヘイジツ ホウカゴ ノ シュウダン キボ ト ツカワレ カタ ノ カンケイ : ノウカ ノ ナヤ オ カイシュウ シタ 2シツ 3 リョウイキガタ ジドウ クラブハウス 「 ツバメ ノ イエ 」 ノ ジレイ ケンキュウ
  • -農家の納屋を改修した2室3領域型児童クラブハウス「つばめの家」の事例研究-
  • -Case study on the “<i>SWALLOW HOUSE</i>” converted from farmer's barn-

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 This paper aims to clarify the differences of usage pattern which the group size brings by taking notice of the free play style in which pupils spend a large portion of weekday time in the after-school care facility that converted a barn of farmhouse.<br> Although this facility had been converted a barn of farmhouse, the floor for playing has 60.9 square meter and it is near the space of usual classroom of elementary school. Since the facility located in a rural area, there are few use pupils as about ten to 20 persons, and the floor space per pupil has satisfied the conference proposal standard (3.96square meters) so this is a standard type facility that is equal to the proposal level from the viewpoint of pupil's necessary floor space in the intermediate and mountainous area. Furthermore, the ground for playing outside has been improved near the facility, and the exterior spaces, such as the south garden of main building and pond, are also used as a place for playing. Most pupils are playing in outdoor space for a long time on fine weather day, and the importance of securing a outdoor playground of sufficient is pointed out for the care of pupils in after school hours of weekday.<br> From the viewpoint of architectural planning, this facility is converted into the two-room and three domain type that was utilized the space composition of existing barn, and it has been divided into multipurpose room and playroom. Since the difference of pupil's arrival time to the facility, the time zone that snack, study and indoor play develop in parallel exists, so by assigning study to multipurpose room and snack and indoor play to playroom, the facility can respond to about 20 pupils. The time zone of free play has few pupils who hold indoor play as several persons, because most pupils may hold playing outside in fine weather day. Study and static play are assigned to multipurpose room, and the dynamic play is assigned to playroom on rainy weather day, so the mutual interference is avoided. Therefore, also in the case of floor space of about 60-square meter, if it has space composition of two-room and three spheres, it will be judged that the correspondence to about 15 to 20 pupils of low class is possible enough.


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