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PLANNING STUDIES OF HIGH-RISE OFFICE BUILDING : Planning studies of super-high-rise building

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  • 超高層オフィスビルの建築計画的特性とその類型化 : 超々高層ビルの空間計画に関する基礎的研究 その1
  • チョウコウソウ オフィスビル ノ ケンチク ケイカクテキ トクセイ ト ソノ ルイケイカ チョウチョウ コウソウ ビル ノ クウカン ケイカク ニ カンスル キソテキ ケンキュウ ソノ1

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The aim of this study is to clarify the recent characteristics of high-rise office building planning. As the result of this analysis, 1)The rental office buildings is a high rate, and these are built crowing in a city. 2)The ceiling height and floor height have increased since 1988. This shows a tendency of intelligent building phenomena. The following is to clarify the principal component about planning studies of high-rise building, and grouping its characteristic of the analysis. As a result of the principal component analysis and the average linkage cluster analysis about 62 high-rise office building, we can separate seven types. Then we analysis to clarify the difference between the buildings in the position of the company and the rental office buildings. As a result of the principal analysis and the average linkage cluster analysis about 42 rental high-rise office buildings, we can separate six types.



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