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RESULTS OF A QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY AND INVESTIGATION : Research on the indoor thermal environment and the energy consumption in detached houses of Niigata prefecture

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  • 戸建住宅を対象としたアンケート及び実測調査結果 : 新潟県の住宅における室内温熱環境・エネルギー消費実態に関する調査研究 その1
  • コダテ ジュウタク オ タイショウ ト シタ アンケート オヨビ ジッソク チョウサ ケッカ ニイガタケン ノ ジュウタク ニ オケル シツナイ オンネツ カンキョウ エネルギー ショウヒ ジッタイ ニ カンスル チョウサ ケンキュウ ソノ 1

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The purpose of this research is performing the survey of an indoor thermal environment, Shelter performance, lifestyle, the amount of energy consumption in Detached Houses of Niigata Prefecture.This paper reports the result of a questionnaire and a survey as part 1. The outline of the results are as follows. 1.The living rooms temperature in summer season are in the range of 24-31 degrees in almost all Detached Houses. And the temperature of living room is higher than the outdoor temperature about 1-3 degrees.It is not concerned with an outer temperature but, as for living room temperature, many detached houses are in the range of 16-24 degrees in winter. 2.Coefficient of heat loss of detached houses which fulfills the standard of new energy saving of Niigata prefecture is about 40% in the whole. 3.The vertical temperature difference of living room in winter season is small in the detached houses which have high of airtightness performance and shelter performance, and is small in the Detached Houses which is installed floor heater.


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