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RESEARCH ON THE PLAN OF RECONSTRUCTION HIROSHIMA : A study on the activities of the architect Kenzo Tange in Hiroshima Part 1

  • ISHIMARU Norioki
    Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University
  • LI Ming
    Department of Integrated Architecture, Hiroshima International University
  • OKAGAWA Mitsugu
    Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University

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  • 広島の復興都市計画と丹下健三 : 広島における建築家丹下健三の活動に関する研究 その1
  • ヒロシマ ノ フッコウ トシ ケイカク ト タンゲ ケンゾウ ヒロシマ ニ オケル ケンチクカ タンゲケンゾウ ノ カツドウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ソノ 1

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The activities of Kenzo Tange and their contribution to the reconstruction of Hiroshima in the period right after the war is studied in this paper. It is well known that lots of discussion about Kenzo Tange can be found so far beginning from the Peace Park of Hiroshima. Most of those discussions about Kenzo Tange were introducing his respective works or analyzing his design from a view point of the context of the history of architecture of Japan or the world. The architectural activities of Kenzo Tange in the period of reconstruction of Hiroshima are studied in this research, and not from view point of Japan or the world, his contribution to proposition of reconstruction plan and design activities is discussed considering the development of the reconstruction in that period. As the first one of a serial research, more detailed discussion about the land use plan proposed by Kenzo Tange is performed in this paper based on investigation of the literatures. Firstly, the decision process of the reconstruction plan of Hiroshima is studied and some confirmation and complementation about the contribution of Kenzo Tange to this plan are presented. Secondly, as for the discussion about the proposition of Kenzo Tange to the reconstruction plan, his contribution to the Functional Area Principle is studied.


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