THE BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS OF THE STUDENT BASED ON THE STAYING TIME : A study on the architectural planning of credit-based upper secondary school

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  • 滞在時間から見た生徒の行為分析 : 単位制高等学校の建築計画に関する研究
  • タイザイ ジカン カラ ミタ セイト ノ コウイ ブンセキ タンイセイ コウトウ ガッコウ ノ ケンチク ケイカク ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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This survey focuses on credit-based upper secondary school whose architectural planning is required to consider about the space in which student are staying daily and a transmission of information in the school. Conducting a tracing survey of students' behavior in three schools during school hour, the survey reveal a situation of groups and a students' usage of residential place in such space as library, study room, and common space. As a conclusion, this study propose some points that should be considered in Architectural planning of credit-based upper secondary school, as below. 1) Each residential places in a school should be determined with its function and location according to whole planing of the school. 2) There is a possibility that residential place is designed to have expected function by considering a scale and. a staying hour of groups using the residential place. 3) In order to realize the situation that individual student and groups of students coexist in same room, it is important to keep a distance between each spaces they prefer.


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