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  • 子育て支援施設における床仕上げ及びコーナー設定と使われ方の空間実験
  • カテゴリーⅠ 子育て支援施設における床仕上げ及びコーナー設定と使われ方の空間実験
  • カテゴリー Ⅰ コソダテ シエン シセツ ニ オケル ユカシアゲ オヨビ コーナー セッテイ ト ツカワレ カタ ノ クウカン ジッケン

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 Child care facility is the place that the infants who differ in age and parents spend in the same space, so the consideration of exclusive space reservation for babies less than twelve months old, and corner setting according to age stage, etc. is required. The examples secured tatami space indoors exist in a part, but the classification of space sphere corresponding to infants' age in the space of one room or the concept of corner setting is not clear. It is common that corner setting of facilities is individually held to experience of the facility staff or reference in the example of nursery school, etc. Although it is not necessary to require the level equivalent to nursery school, in order that the increase in fa cilities continues to be expected, the examination from a viewpoint of architectural planning is required.<br> In this paper, firstly the subject of the present corner setting for the child care facility including the tatami space is arranged. Then, the experiment of two kinds of space type and the investigation of utilization are conducted, and this paper aims at explaining the relation of corner setting and the behavioral pattern of parent and child. Based on the acquired knowledge, the space composition and the function of corner setting are considered.<br> In order to divide the stay place of baby and infant, installation of tatami space is effective and it is important to arrange toys uniting with infants' age. About the corner arrangement, it is the main point that dividing a picture-book corner with other play so a book can be read calmly, the corner of dynamic play by cart or vehicle, etc. secures a large space.<br> There are also many parents who visit a facility for the purpose of the exchange with other parents as one of the purposes of facility installation, the corner installation which the infants and parents of different age can interchange is also effective like a block corner. In case of establishing playing house and a toy corner in tatami space, tatami space becomes not only baby but place of infant's play, so the space becomes a place of interchange of parents of infants of different age. Therefore, when a baby's exclusive space is secured to tatami space independently, it is effective as one method of corner arrangement.


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