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What University Students Expect From Foreign-Language Education:

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  • 学生が望む大学におけるよい第二外国語教育
  • ―ある私立大学生における自由記述データと捕獲率を用いた分析から―
  • Based on Responses on a Free-Answer Questionnaire Analyzed With a Capture Rate


<p>  The purpose of the present study was to do a comprehensive investigation of what university students expect from foreign-language education. Participants were 62 university students in Japan who were studying foreign languages such as Chinese, German, Spanish, French, and Korean. Free-answer data were analyzed using a capture rate. Analysis of these data suggested the importance of (a) lessons being practical, (b) a focus on difficult points, and (c) the design of the course. The participants were classified into subgroups using demographic information from the questionnaire responses, and the capture rate for each class was then calculated. This analysis indicated that those students who were not planning to use the foreign language when studying or working abroad also expected that foreign-language education would include practical lessons.</p>


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