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  • 社会福祉事業団による高齢者通所介護施設の整備プロセスと利用特性
  • 社会福祉事業団による高齢者通所介護施設の整備プロセスと利用特性 : 山口県萩市を対象として
  • シャカイ フクシ ジギョウダン ニ ヨル コウレイシャツウショカイゴシセツ ノ セイビ プロセス ト リヨウ トクセイ : ヤマグチケン ハギシ オ タイショウ ト シテ
  • -山口県萩市を対象として-
  • - Case study on Hagi city in Yamaguchi prefecture -

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 This paper aims to verify the establishment effects of day care facilities for the elderly by social welfare organization “Syakaifukushi Jigyoudan” in Hagi city, where 1 old city merged with 6 old towns and villages during the mass mergers of the Heisei period. It' based on the construction process and use characteristics of day care facilities. The result are as follows.<br> 1) The social welfare organization “syakaifukushi jigyoudan” is a corporation that prefectural and municipal government officials establish by 46 notification. And the social welfare organization is positioned as a professional organization that manages the facilities established by local government. The social welfare organization can carry out the business of social welfare freely by 2002 revision. 117 social welfare organizations are established now, and the many reason of establishment is that there is no corporation to entrust facility management. The number of disabled person welfare works is the most, because it is put as an important point from the beginning.<br> 2) The social welfare organization “syakaifukushi jigyoudan” was established in Hagi city, because there was no private sector corporation in this area and a social welfare council isn't for only the aged person welfare work. The day care facilities are established in whole area by cooperating with local government.<br> 3) The users can select the day care facility by keeping the characteristics in the facilities.<br> 4) The use sphere of the social welfare organization “Syakaifukushi Jigyoudan” is small, because the social welfare organization covers the demand of city centers and the social welfare corporations cover the demand of old Sanmi and Oi villages.<br> 5) The fulfillmentrate of facility demand increases over 3 times from 2000 to 2010 by establishment of the social welfare organization “Syakaifukushi Jigyoudan”, and the effect was confirmed. In addition, facility development is progressing by corporations for profit and medical corporation. It is thought that potential demand gave the opportunity of the entries of corporations for profit and medical corporation, because the fulfillmentrate of facility demand was low before these corporations entered.<br> Therefore, it is thought that it is possible to progress facility development equally in whole area by the social welfare organization “Syakaifukushi Jigyoudan”. The social welfare organization has the advantage that it is easy to reflect the policy of the local government, so the social welfare organization can progress facility development with a social welfare corporation and a social welfare council. In particular, it is thought that cooperating with these corporations is easy in rural areas, because the number of entries of private sector corporations is small and the number of entries of social welfare corporations is large. About this point, I will verify and report in the next paper. In addition, managing a day care facility is difficult by nursing-care insurance revision in 2015. However, it is possible to continue stable management facility by developing multiple facilities centered on a nucleus facility. Moreover, it is possible to continue managing the facility that facility management is difficult by handing on to the social welfare organization. So, it is thought that the supply of day care facility can be stable.



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