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Organized session 3 Prefrontal region activity when watching video and slide measured with NIRS

  • YAMADA Kosuke C.
    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST):Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences, Waseda University
  • NOMURA Shinobu
    Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University

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  • 企画セッション3 NIRSによる映像視聴時の前頭前野活動の評価

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The near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a noninvasive method, neuroimaging, to be estimating brain activity from the blood flow of cerebral cortex. In this article, we present our two studies about the measurement and evaluation of stress. The one study is to investigate the impact of virtual reality (VR) to brain function in order to measure and evaluate brain activities during viewing the moving image constructed of VR. Six healthy undergraduate students viewed two kinds of VR. Similar part of prefrontal cortex activated during viewing both VR. The other research is to investigate the prefrontal region activation to the stress and emotional stimuli. The International Affective Picture System (LAPS, Lang et al., 1995) was used so as to elicit the three kinds of emotional state of the participants (negative, neutral, positive). Data showed that the sort of emotion activated the different area of prefrontal cortex.


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