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Aspects of the Boundary between Discipline and Abuse by Mothers Raising Preschool Age Children

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  • 乳幼児を養育する母親のしつけと虐待の境界の様相
  • ニュウヨウジ オ ヨウイク スル ハハオヤ ノ シツケ ト ギャクタイ ノ キョウカイ ノ ヨウソウ

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<p>Objective: To analyze and clarify aspects of the boundary between discipline and abuse by mothers raising preschool age children based on analysis of narratives regarding parenting behaviors.</p><p>Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted on 26 mothers raising preschool-age children focusing on the experiences they considered to reflect the boundary between discipline and abuse. Interview transcripts were qualitatively analyzed using a modified grounded theory approach.</p><p>Results: Categories reflecting aspects relating to the boundary between discipline and abuse were extracted as follows: “power to overwhelm the child unconsciously when their mother becomes emotional” and “differences in discipline depending on the attributes of the child”. Additional categories included “superiority of other people’s appraisal of discipline”; “accumulated fatigue from idealized images and responsibilities as a mother”; and “peace of mind to change according to surrounding support and mother’s capabilities”.</p><p>Conclusion: The present findings suggest that subconscious power possessed by the mother over the child and the child’s attributes comprise aspects of the boundary between discipline and abuse by mothers raising preschool-age children. Mother were deeply exhausted from how they are perceived by others as important. Mother’s allowance were influenced by social support and mother’s own power. Emotional control method, provide knowledge due to child’s attributes, evaluative support for mothers, support for mothers’ community expansion, and provide effective social resources were found to be important forms of parenting support for mothers.</p>



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