Evaluation Method Of Resistant Torque Acting On Rotating Spindle System Including Rolling Bearing. Evaluation Under High-dm N Condition.

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  • 転がり軸受を含む回転軸系に作用する抵抗トルクの評価法  高dm・N条件下における評価
  • コロガリ ジクウケ オ フクム カイテンジクケイ ニ サヨウ スル テイコウ トルク ノ ヒョウカホウ コウdm N ジョウケン カ ニ オケル ヒョウカ
  • Evaluation Under High-d<SUB>m</SUB> N Condition
  • 高d<SUB>m</SUB> N条件下における評価

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This paper describes that the proposed method is able to evaluate accurately the resistant torque acting on rotating spindle system which includes rolling bearing, under high-dm N condition lower than two million mm rpm. The resistant torque is calculated as the product of the angular acceleration during free-running and the equivalent moment of inertia of spindle. The acceleration is calculated from the accurate measurement of change in series of each rotation-cycle under free-running. The equivalent moment of inertia is the sum of the moment of inertia of spindle rotor, the effect of rolling elements and the effect of retainer for the elements.


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