Optical & Non-contact Data-transmission System of Rotating Spindle Temperature by Adopting One-chip Micro-controller (3rd Report) - Data-transmission and Power-supply through Cylindrical Surface -

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  • ワンチップ・マイクロコントローラを用いた回転軸温度情報の光学式非接触データ伝送システムの研究(第3報)―円筒面からのデータ伝送と非接触給電―
  • ワンチップ マイクロコントローラ オ モチイタ カイテンジク オンド ジョウホウ ノ コウガクシキ ヒセッショク データ デンソウ システム ノ ケンキュウ ダイ3ポウ エントウメン カラ ノ データ デンソウ ト ヒセッショク キュウデン
  • Data-transmission and Power-supply through Cylindrical Surface
  • 円筒面からのデータ伝送と非接触給電

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This paper deals with the optical telemeter system in which data-transmission and power-supply through cylindrical surface of rotating spindle are realized. Data-transmission is carried out by means of one LED on the cylindrical surface of rotating head and enough numbers of PD facing to LED rotational locus. Non-contact powersupply is carried out by means of two pairs of coil and ferrite-core arranged on the rotating side and the stationary side respectively. These schemes through cylindrical surface are realized in a demonstration unit to clarify the effectiveness of the newly developed system. The measurement accuracy of the developed system is superior than 0.05°C for 0-50°C range from the view point of temperature change.


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