Locational Planning and Observation Planning of Artificial Landmarks for AGV navigation using Two Cameras.

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  • 2台のカメラを用いたAGVナビゲーションのための人工ランドマークの配置計画法と観測計画法
  • 2ダイ ノ カメラ オ モチイタ AGV ナビゲーション ノ タメ ノ ジンコウ ランドマーク ノ ハイチ ケイカクホウ ト カンソク ケイカクホウ

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This paper proposes AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) navigation methodology by using two cameras and artificial landmarks. This method doesn't need high cost sensors and doesn't have to model motion errors of AGV. It is proposed that (a) a landmark arrangement planning algorithm in a given working environment of the AGV, and (b) a landmark observation planning algorithm along a given path of the AGV. Navigation experiments with a real AGV show the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.



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