Electromyogram Signal Processing by Using M-transform

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  • M変換を用いる筋電信号処理
  • M ヘンカン オ モチイル キン デンシンゴウ ショリ

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The authors propose a new method for reducing both impulsive noise and white noise by use of M-transform and wavelet shrinkage. M-transform is a new signal transformation proposed by the authors, and any periodic time signal can be considered as the output of a filter whose input is an M-sequence. By using the properties of M-transform, it is shown that both impulsive noise and white noise can be eliminated by use of first M-transform and then wavelet shrinkage. In this paper, the proposed noise reduction method is applied to electromyogram signal which sometimes contains many impulsive noise and white noise. From the results of the experiment, it is shown that the proposed method is very efficient for impulsive noise reduction.



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