Driven Rotary Tool Burnishing with Coated Carbide Tool

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  • コーテッド超硬工具による工具回転型バニシング加工
  • —工具表面特性が仕上げ面性状に及ぼす影響と工具摩耗形態の解明—
  • —Influence of Tool Surface Characteristics on Burnished Surface Characteristics and Clarification of Tool Wear Behavior—


This study deals with a sliding burnishing process with driven rotary tool used to generate smooth surfaces and enhanced layers. In conventional burnishing, a diamond tipped tool is used. In this investigation, coated carbide tools are proposed as an alternative. A previously developed hybrid-type parallel mechanism is used as a burnishing machine. Uncoated carbide tool, titanium nitride, and diamond-like-carbon coated carbide tools are used, and a stainless steel with a flat surface is targeted. The burnished surface characteristics are mainly evaluated by analyzing the surface appearance, roughness, glossiness, and residual stress of the surface layer. The tool wear behavior of the diamond-like-carbon coated carbide tool is also clarified. It was found that sufficient surface appearance, roughness, and glossiness can be obtained by using the diamond-like-carbon coated tool, which has smooth surface, high hardness, and low chemical affinity with workpiece material. High compressive residual stress can also be achieved with the diamond-like-carbon coated carbide tool while martensitic transformation of the workpiece material is prevented. The occurrence and growth of the partial multiple peeling are observed in diamond-like-carbon coated tool, and the burnished surface roughness and glossiness is drastically deteriorated by contacting between the workpiece and base material of the tool.


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