A survey on the learning environment of hearing-aid users in Fukushima Prefecture

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  • 福島県における補聴器装用児の就学後学習環境の実態調査
  • ―小学校教員へのアンケート―
  • ―Questionnaire targeting elementary school teachers―


<p> We established a committee for the investigation of hearing impairment in 2012, with members from? the area support center of Fukushima Prefectural School for the Deaf, Fukushima Special Education Center, Fukushima Rehabilitation Center for Children, Hoshi General Hospital, and Fukushima Medical University Hospital. The committee conducted a survey of teachers in 2012, to determine the learning environment of hearing aid users who went to regular elementary schools in Fukushima Prefecture.<br> The survey revealed that hearing-aid users had problems in listening, academic achievement, and relationships with other students. Furthermore, use of the FM hearing aid system, education environment improvement, education support planning, and teaching planning were not implemented sufficiently. In addition, hearing-aid users were also not provided with appropriate support. The committee therefore decided to apply the following division of roles which had been determined for cochlear-implant and hearing-aid users attending regular junior high schools.<br> The area support center holds case conferences following class observation, where problems are clarified, countermeasures are identified, and questions from teachers are answered. The Fukushima Special Education Center coordinates such support. The Fukushima Rehabilitation Center and the two hospitals provide information on hearing levels and language skills to the support center and Fukushima Special Education Center.</p>



    AUDIOLOGY JAPAN 59 (6), 644-652, 2016

    Japan Audiological Society


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