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Communicative Functions of Communication Boards and Communication Books. 3 Preliterate Case Studies.

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  • コミュニケーションボード・ブックのコミュニケーション機能  文字未学習の幼児3症例の経過
  • —3 Preliterate Case Studies—
  • ―文字未学習の幼児3症例の経過―

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In this report, communication boards and communication books used for language and communication intervention were examined from the perspective of communicative functions. Three cases were studied: the target subjects were preliterate preschoolers who suffered from cerebral palsy (confined to wheelchair) and intellectual disabilities (moderate to severe) . Their language comprehension was at the 18-23 month level, but they expressed no or few significant words. (1) They used communication boards, communication books and unaided signs concurrently, in compensating roles. (2) One case used communication boards only for request functions, while another used them for giving information as well as making requests; usage depends on their interpersonal relations and range of communicative functions. (3) Use of communication cards to support for comprehension (input) was effective for the case exhibiting low motivation toward communication and resistance to changes. (4) Two cases, who exhibited high motivation toward communication, used communication books as reminders of past events. The findings suggest that use of communication books as a reminder is an effective strategy for giving information about past events in the young users.


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