On the Method of Science-Thoughts on a Structuralist Philosophy of Science-

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  • 科学的方法について―構造主義科学論の考え方―
  • ショウタイ コウエン カガクテキ ホウホウ ニ ツイテ コウゾウ シュギ カガクロン ノ カンガエカタ
  • Thoughts on a Structuralist Philosophy of Science
  • 構造主義科学論の考え方

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Contrary to what has been broadly believed, science is not an endeavor to find truth, but one to construct some identity for a reasonable explanation of phenomena. From this Structuralist philosophy view of science, I criticize the present-day biology which depends on gene reductionism. Instead, an alternative theory making great account of systems is proposed.


  • Kampo Medicine

    Kampo Medicine 57 (2), 173-184, 2006

    The Japan Society for Oriental Medicine

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