Comment on the Consensus Statement on the Worldwide Standardization of the Hemoglobin A1c Measurement from American Diabetes Association, European Association for the Study of Diabetes, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and International Diabetes Federation

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  • ADA, EASD, IFCC, IDFによるヘモグロビンA1c測定の国際標準化に関するコンセンサス・ステートメントに対する糖尿病関連指標専門委員会の見解

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After prudent consideration of the correspondence for the Consensus Statement of four international academic organizations, the Committee on Diabetes Mellitus Indices of Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry has concluded that the future way of the standardization of hemoglobin Alc (HbA1c) in Japan should agree with the above Consensus Statement.<BR>1. The measurement of HbAlc should be anchored by the IFCC reference system. Since JCCLS CRM 004a having IFCC units (mmol/mol), can be available to use as a matrix reference material in Japan, the routine measurement of HbAlc should be traceable to JCCLS CRM 004a.<BR>2. HbAlc results should be reported in IFCC units (mmol/mol) and in JDS units (%), because of the fact that JDS units have been commonly used in Japan. JDS units (%) are derived from IFCC units (mmol/mol) using the IFCC-JDS equation as follows: JDS units (%) =0.0963×IFCC units (mmol/mol)+1.62.<BR>3. When HbAlc results appear in international journal or at international conferences and so on, they should be expressed as IFCC units (mmol/mol) and derived NGSP units (%) using the IFCC NGSP master equation as follows: NGSP units (%) =0.0915×IFCC units (mmol/mol)+2.15.<BR>4. Regarding the usage of an HbAlc (A1C) derived average glucose (ADAG) in clinical reporting, the decision will be postponed until the final report on this issue appears.<BR>5. The subject whether or not reference intervals of HbAlc and the glycemic goal of HbAlc in the Treatment Guide for Diabetes and so on will be expressed in IFCC units, is left to discussion among Japanese academic societies related to this issue.


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