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  • 個体に対する理想体重についての研究
  • コタイ ニ タイスル リソウ タイジュウ ニ ツイテ ノ ケンキュウ

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From the viewpoint that the statistically obtained standard body weight should not be identical to the ideal body weight for the individual, an experiment was undertaken, using the present investigator himself as an experimental subject. The results may be summarized as follows.<BR>The weight of the 160cm-tall subject was decreased from 83 to 56kg and it was kept unchanged for a year. Then a weight increase was attempted. From the lowest to the 63kg point, more increase in non-fat tissues than fat tissues was observed. On the other hand, from 63kg point, such tendency was reversed, i. e., little increase in non-fat tissues was found when more weight was added beyond 66kg.<BR>When a training in a form of endurance running was in process, the weight started to be lost. During this process to the point of 61.3kg of weight, the weight loss was found to be mainly by reduction in fat tissues and not in non-fat tissues. Then, beyond the 61.3kg point, the reduction in non-fat tissues seemed to be the major cause of weight loss, as little reduction in fat tissues was observed.<BR>When the recovery rate of blood sugar level upon intaking glucose after fast was examined, the greatest efficiency was obtained at the point of 62.3kg body weight. The farther the deviation of body weight was attained from this point, the worse the efficiency became to be.<BR>When long distance running training was nundertaken with less than 62kg of weight, irregular ventricular contractions and ischemic symptoms in the frontal wall of the left ventricle was recorded under certain nutritional and exercise conditions.<BR>No evidences to draw definite conclusions were obtained from the results in respiration quotient at the time of measurement of basal metabolism, changes in urinary excretions of nitrogen and creatinin, and muscular strength.<BR>From the results obtained above, the ideal body weight of the current investigator was assumed to be in between 62 and 63kg.



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