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Characteristics of Subcutaneous Fat Distribution.

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  • 体脂肪率からみた部位別皮下脂肪厚の分布
  • タイシボウリツ カラ ミタ ブイベツ ヒカ シボウアツ ノ ブンプ

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The proportion of subcutaneous fat thickness at each site of the body in relation to increase in the percentage of total body fat, and the distributions of the percentage of total body fat and physique index (circumference of each site per height) were examined. The subcutaneous fat thickness values were determined by A-mode ultrasonoscope and the percentage of total body fat were calculated from underwater weighing method. The subjects were 112 (60 men and 52 women) healthy Caucasian (live in USA) volunteers aged from 18 to 49 participated in this study. The subcutaneous fat thickness was measured at six sites: subscapular, abdomen, suprailium, biceps, triceps and quadriceps. The mean values of percentage of total body fat of all subjects were 11.7 ± 4.1% for men and 21.4 ± 5.3% for women. The rate of increase in the subcutaneous fat thickness as a result of increase in percentage of total body fat was maximal at the abdominal site in both men and women. Rates of increase were also found (in descended order) as of suprailium, quadriceps, subscapular, triceps and biceps for men; and suprailium, quadriceps, triceps, subscapular and biceps for women. The distribution of subcutaneous fat thickness showed no coincidental increases in the thickness and in the percentage of total body fat and the physique index for either men or women. In particular, values of subcutaneous fat thickness at the abdominal site varied more widely than those at any other sites regardless of sex. Additionally, the values for abdominal subcutaneos fat thickness showed the greatest variation even among subjects with the same percentage of total body fat and physique index. This variation of abdominal fat thickness was proposed to have resulted from individual differences in subcutaneous fat versus visceral fat.


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