Required support・An examination of the subjective quality of life and related factors In elderly people eith a high functional capacity who need mild care

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  • 要支援・軽度要介護高齢者の主観的QOLと高次生活機能の関連要因の検討
  • ヨウ シエン ・ ケイド ヨウカイゴコウレイシャ ノ シュカンテキ QOL ト コウジ セイカツ キノウ ノ カンレン ヨウイン ノ ケントウ

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<p>Aim: We aimed to investigate subjective quality of life (QOL) and related factors in elderly people with a high functional capacity using daycare centers who require support and mild long-term care.</p><p>Methods: We collected data on the basic attributes, social background (hobbies, JST-Index of Competence), and subjective QOL (Revision PGC Morale Scale) through interviews with 238 people ≥65 years of age using daycare centers who required support and long-term care (level 1, 2). We conducted a t-test and χ2 test to compare male and female participants and a multiple regression analysis using sex, age, hobbies, eating together, and the JST-Index of Competence (using new devices, collecting information, living management, social participation) as independent variables to predict the subjective QOL (dependent variable).</p><p>Results: We observed no marked differences in the subjective QOL between men and women, but a significant difference was noted between sexes in the number of people who ate with others. We conducted a multiple regression analysis using the above independent variables with the body mass index and level of care as explanatory variables and subjective QOL as a dependent variable to predict the value of the dependent variable. The subjective QOL tended to be higher in participants with high scores for social participation (standard partial regression coefficient 0.26, 95% confidence interval 0.14-0.38), living management (0.23, 0.09-0.37), and hobbies (0.20, 0.09-0.32).</p><p>Conclusions: In elderly subjects with a high functional capacity, living management, social participation, and presence of hobbies were found to be associated with a decreased QOL.</p>



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