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The effects of bamboo charcoal and phosphorus fertilization on mixed planting with grasses and soil improving species under the nutrients poor condition

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  • タケ炭ならびにリン施肥が劣悪土壌での肥料木と緑化牧草類の混植に及ぼす影響
  • タケタン ナラビニ リン セヒ ガ レツアク ドジョウ デ ノ ヒリョウ ボク ト リョクカ ボクソウルイ ノ コンショク ニ オヨボス エイキョウ

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The growth of soil improving species planted with grasses was decreased on the weathered granite soil due to inhibiting the phosphorus uptake. The effects of bamboo charcoal addition and phosphorus fertilizer on the growth of soil improving species were investigated under nutrients poor condition. It was recognized that the growth and nodulation of soil improver declined considerably with addition of bamboo charcoal, but increased with phosphorus fertilizer. On the other hand, mix-planted soil improver grew lower when bamboo charcoal and phosphorus were simultaneously applied. These suggest that adsorption of soil phosphorous by bamboo charcoal causes phosphorous deficiency and hide the effect for soil improver when they were mix-planted.


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