Optimization of Grasping of 3-D Parts by Universal Robotic Hand with Parallel Stick Fingers for Assembly Tasks

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  • 組立作業のための平行スティック指汎用ハンドによる三次元形状部品の把持の最適化
  • クミタテ サギョウ ノ タメ ノ ヘイコウ スティック シ ハンヨウ ハンド ニ ヨル サンジゲン ケイジョウ ブヒン ノ ハジ ノ サイテキ カ

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In a robotic cell, assembly robots have to grasp parts in various shapes of a target product accurately and robustly against some external wrenches (i.e., forces and moments) exerted on the parts in order to ensure assembly tasks. Assuming the use of a universal robotic hand with multiple fingers for this purpose, it is desirable that necessary finger forces are as small as possible. From this point of view, in this paper, we consider grasping of three-dimensional parts by a universal robotic hand with parallel stick fingers, and propose a method to optimize the grasping under a given required external wrench set. The utility of the proposed method is shown with numerical examples.



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