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A Sensitivity Analysis for the Causal Effect Under Apparent Non-compliance

  • SANO Fumiya
    Graduate School of Science and Technology, Seikei University
  • IWASAKI Manabu
    Department of Computer and Information Science, Seikei University

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  • 見かけ上のノンコンプライアンスが存在する場合の因果効果の感度分析の一例
  • ミカケ ウエ ノ ノンコンプライアンス ガ ソンザイ スル バアイ ノ インガ コウカ ノ カンド ブンセキ ノ イチレイ

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<p>Experimental study with random allocation of treatments is regarded as the gold standard for estimation of causal parameters in statistical causal inference. However, when non-compliance among participants exists in the experiment it is likely to result in biased estimates of the parameters of interest. This paper discusses a sensitivity analysis in the estimation of causal parameters under apparent non-compliance. A motivating example is shown that concerns students' performance in university lectures. A procedure of sensitivity analysis for the estimates of causal parameters is presented that incorporates existence of apparent non-compliers, who are genuine compliers but act as non-compliers. An example of such procedure is shown for the case considered. </p>



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