The relationship between lifestyles and mental health in young adults

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  • 大学生の生活習慣とメンタルヘルスの関連性

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 Healthcare in all its aspects as both physical and mental healthcare is a crucial issue in the modern world. The purpose of this research is to find a relationship between lifestyles and mental health in young adults. In this research, college students were asked about their lifestyles including about meals, sleeping, participation in daily activities, and their mental health including their stress levels.<br> As a result, we found that the subjects who got enough sleep and had positive eating habits and adequate nutrition had less stress. They also had stable moods and participated in many daily activities. On the other hand, the subjects who slept less and had negative lifestyle habits such as not eating well and not receiving adequate nutrition had more stress. This second group of college students had unstable moods and participated in less activities.<br> Mental disease such as depression sometimes appears and physical disease such as metabolic syndrome rarely appears in young adults. A negative lifestyle in a young person is more likely to cause mental and physical disease when the subjects become adults. Healthcare in young adults could prevent them from diseases in late middle age and old age.


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