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Weight and Body Shape Concerns in Young Women: A Model of Parental Behavior and Social Environment

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  • 青年期女子の体重・体型へのこだわりに影響を及ぼす要因
  • 青年期女子の体重・体型へのこだわりに影響を及ぼす要因--親の養育行動と社会的要因からの検討
  • セイネンキ ジョシ ノ タイジュウ タイケイ エ ノ コ ダワリ ニ エイキョウ オ オヨボス ヨウイン オヤ ノ ヨウイク コウドウ ト シャカイテキ ヨウイン カラ ノ ケントウ
  • ――親の養育行動と社会的要因からの検討

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This study examined factors that influenced weight and body shape concerns in Japanese female young adults. A questionnaire was administered to 1,005 female undergraduates, which assessed: their eagerness and behavior to be thin; dissatisfaction with their body; child-rearing behavior of their parents; past experience of comment and teasing about their weight and body shape; mass media influence; and importance of being thin for themselves, among family members, and among friends. Results indicated that experience of comment and teasing influenced both importance of being thin and body dissatisfaction. Eagerness to be thin was explained by importance of being thin, mass media influence, and the importance among friends. As for parental behavior, paternal overprotection led to less dissatisfaction with their body. Parental caring and maternal overprotection did not significantly contribute to the model. These results suggested that weight and body shape concerns in Japanese young women were influenced more by importance of being thin for themselves and among friends, and mass media than parental behavior.


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