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Development of Revised Interpersonal Intolerance of Ambiguity Scale

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  • 改訂版対人場面におけるあいまいさへの非寛容尺度作成の試み
  • カイテイバン タイジン バメン ニ オケル アイマイサ エ ノ ヒカンヨウ シャクド サクセイ ノ ココロミ

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The purpose of this study was to develop Revised Interpersonal Intolerance of Ambiguity Scale (IIAS-R), which assessed the tendency with subscales for three types of people: first-time stranger, not-well-acquainted, and friend. Items for the scales were collected from self-report responses to an open-ended questionnaire. Scores for each subscale appeared to distribute normally. Internal consistency of the subscales was sufficiently high. Correlation coefficients between IIAS-R and social anxiety and dogmatism scales ranged from .52 to .22, which were statistically significant. Three-month test-retest reliability coefficients of the three subscales were .73, .70, and .66, respectively. The results demonstrated that the scale had good reliability and validity.


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