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Development of Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI-35)

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  • 自己愛人格傾向尺度(NPI‐35)の作成の試み
  • 自己愛人格傾向尺度(NPI-35)の作成の試み
  • ジコアイ ジンカク ケイコウ シャクド NPI 35 ノ サクセイ ノ ココロミ

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In Japan, many researchers have studied narcissistic personality using Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI: Raskin & Hall, 1979; Emmons, 1984); however, different response formats were used and inconsistent factors found by different researchers. We tried to develop a new Japanese version of NPI, after the inventory by Raskin and Terry (1988). In Study 1, we explored internal structure of the scale through factor analysis, and found five factors: need for attention, sense of grandeur, leadership, praise for the body, and self conviction. We named it Narcissistic Personality Inventory-35 (NPI-35). In Study 2, the five factors found in Study 1 were verified by confirmatory factor analysis on the data of another sample. Study 3 showed that NPI-35 had sufficient test-retest reliability. Finally, in Study 4, we investigated validity in terms of the correlations between NPI-35 and NPI-Short version (Oshio, 1998), exhibitionism scale (Edwards, 1953), praise seeking scale (Sugawara, 1986), and self-esteem scale (Rosenberg, 1965). It was demonstrated that the full-scale NPI-35 and its component scales had good correlational validity.


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