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The Comprehensive Analysis Results for Advancement of Student's Academic Achievement in Classes by Use of ICT

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In order to demonstrate the advancement in academic achievements due to the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in classes, we asked teachers from all over Japan to report on the results of classes in which ICT was used and classes in which it was not used, and subjected those results to comprehensive analytical evaluation. We first based our analysis on the viewpoint of assessments that were determined by the teachers who held those classes, and showed that teachers who held classes in which ICT was used felt that the academic achievements of students had advanced because of the use of ICT. We then asked the teachers to give their students a questionnaire relating to their opinions after the classes. Factor analysis was conducted to extract factors from the responses and differences was investigated between whether or not ICT was used for each factor, a significantly large effect was obtained when ICT was used in classes, from the viewpoints of all of the factors. Finally, we performed comprehensive analytical evaluation of the results of identical objective achievement tests given to all of the students after the classes, and showed that the grades obtained in the tests by students of classes in which ICT was used were significantly higher than those of students of classes in which ICT was not used.



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