Development of a Teacher Training System for Upgrading Teaching Skills by Using ICT

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An integrated Web system was developed for teacher training called Teacher's Resources for Applying ICT Nationwide (TRAIN) in order to upgrade the instructional ability of teachers by using ICT. TRAIN enabled the watching through streaming of 218 short video modules that aim to be useful in improving the teacher's ability and promoting the popularization of ICT in education within schools. Furthermore, a handbook was produced that explained the title, content, a screen shot and the instructor's name, in half an A4-sized page for all of the video modules, which can be referred to when teachers select to watch them. In addition, in an attempt to boost support for self-training, in-school training and group training using TRAIN, 50 practical cases from the video modules were selected and case studies featuring advice have been produced. Instructional situations and practical cases related to these were provided together with TRAIN. 234 FAQs about the instructional ability of teachers by using ICT were provided, and study using these FAQs made possible. An evaluation for education boards' viewers on TRAIN was also conducted.



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