The Comprehensive Analysis Results for Advancement of Student's Academic Achievement in Classes by Use of ICT(<Special Issue>Design and Assessment of ICT Usage in Schools to Improve Scholastic Abilities)

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  • ICT活用授業による学力向上に関する総合的分析評価(<特集>学力向上を目指したICT活用のデザイン・実践・効果)
  • ICT活用授業による学力向上に関する総合的分析評価
  • ICT カツヨウ ジュギョウ ニ ヨル ガクリョク コウジョウ ニ カンスル ソウゴウテキ ブンセキ ヒョウカ

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Many teachers all over the country reported on their teaching by using ICT, and the classes where teachers taught students by using ICT were compared with the classes where they did not use ICT. As results, it was found that scholastic attainments were on the rise by using ICT in the class. Teachers measured student's scholastic attainments based on the viewpoint that they decided, and recognized that using ICT had a great influence in improving the attainments. Students answered the questionnaire about the class where they learned with ICT and the factor analysis was conducted to obtain the key factors for upgrading student's scholastic attainments. As a result, the factors concerning scholastic attainments were extracted, and the difference of each factor by the presence of the ICT use was investigated. In all factors it was shown that the high scholastic ability was surely obtained by using ICT in the class. On the other hand, students took a common examination, and it was also shown that the scholastic ability was surely promoted by using ICT in the class.


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