Changes in Physical Properties of Soil after Clearcutting of Japanese Cypress.

  • Ono H.
    Faculty of Agriculture,Shinshu University

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  • ヒノキ林皆伐後の土壌の物理性変化
  • ヒノキリン カイバツゴ ノ ドジョウ ノ ブツリセイ ヘンカ

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The relationship between the destruction of aggregate structure and changes in soil physical properties such as pore size distribution and permeability after clearcutting was examined. Soil samples were taken from a clearcut area of Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.) 13 years after clearcutting. Soil physical properties were measured and water-stable aggregates were analyzed by the wet-sieving method. After clearcutting, the soil structure changed in A or Al horizons, and the aggregate diameter became smaller with the destruction of aggregate structure. This changed the soil pore composition, namely large pores decreased and fine pores increased, consequently reducing permeability. In A-B horizons, although the soil structures changed, the pore size distributions and permeabil-ity remained unchanged. In B horizons, no changes were found in soil structure, pore size distributions or permeability. In conclusion, in top soil such as A or Al horizons, the changes in soil pore composition and permeability after clearcutting were closely related to the changes in soil structure and destruction of aggregate structure.


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