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Development and Evaluation of the Usefulness of Collaborative Learning on the Tangible AR Learning Equipment for Astronomy Education

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  • タンジブル天体学習用AR教材の開発および協調学習における有用性の評価
  • タンジブル テンタイ ガクシュウヨウ AR キョウザイ ノ カイハツ オヨビ キョウチョウ ガクシュウ ニ オケル ユウヨウセイ ノ ヒョウカ

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<p>This study developed Tangible AR learning equipment to solve problems in astronomy education. This learning equipment allows students to learn the phases of the moon by operating an earth model and a moon model on a table. Further, the learner can observe virtual objects synchronized in a real environment. The learning equipment was evaluated for usefulness, and, as an example of practical utilization, it was evaluated from a collaborative learning point of view. Further, the usefulness and possible problems with the learning equipment were examined using protocol analysis for collaborative learning. The results showed that the learning equipment had the possibility of increasing interest in and understanding of the phases of the moon, which indicated that this equipment could increase learner motivation. In addition, it was found that the learning equipment was a useful tool for collaborative learning for those learners who do not like such learning. The results of the protocol analysis found that the synchronized overhead perspective of the earth through the monitor display could promote thinking, and it was useful for learner knowledge sharing as students could associate the objects in the real environment to those in the virtual environment using the TUI and AR. However, it was found that it was important to be careful not to generate a conceptual error from the angle of view of the wireless camera attached to the earth model. It was also found that there was a need for an instructional design that took advantage of the learning equipment features, and further research is needed to ensure that the instructional design can effectively promote the educational use of this learning equipment. Finally, it was concluded that to clarify the usefulness of the learning equipment, it should be used in a practice assessment by a group with the target learner characteristics.</p>


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