Characteristics of Band and Luminance and Classification of the Tree Vigor of Aged, Large-diameter Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) Using High-resolution IKONOS Satellite Data.

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  • IKONOS高解像度衛星による高齢アカマツ大径木の樹勢区分とバンドおよび輝度値の特徴
  • IKONOS コウカイゾウド エイセイ ニ ヨル コウレイ アカマツ ダイ ケイボク ノ ジュセイ クブン ト バンド オヨビ キドチ ノ トクチョウ

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The relationships between characteristics of band and luminance and classification of the tree vigor of aged, large-diameter Japanese Red Pine was performed using high-resolution IKONOS satellite data. The digital number (DN) was higher with individual groups of healthy trees in all bands. Based on results of ANOVA, there was a significant difference in tree health at every band. The predominance of bands for classification of the tree vigor were band 4> band 2, band 3> band 1, in order. When tree health was diagnosed through discriminant analysis of the DN for individual bands in the amount of variance, discriminant accuracy improved with an increase in the amount of variance. Maximum discriminant accuracy was 81% between the group with the healthiest trees and the group with the least healthy trees, and the minimum was 56% between the group with the healthiest trees and the group with the second healthiest trees.


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