A Study about the Dynamic Interaction between Submersed Hanging Tube and Internal Flow

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Nowadays, risers and pipelines are widely used by the Offshore Industry. Such pipes are deployed mainly as a connection element for the stream of hydrocarbon or other service fluid during the offshore well drilling or the hydrocarbon production. The pipes that connect the platform at the sea surface down to the wellhead is named riser by the Industry. Several researches have been carried out about the risers' mechanical behavior focusing mainly on the interaction among the pipe's structure, floating platform's motion, external hydrodynamic forces, and soil contact.However up till now, most of such investigations have neglected the effect of the internal flow on the pipe's structure.Thus this work is focused on this gap: the interaction between the pipe's structure and the forces and other effects caused by its internal flow. An Experiment was carried out at the Deep Sea Basin of the National Maritime Research Institute (Japan) using as a model, a silicon made tube of 10m length. During the experiment, fresh water was pumped into the model in order to verify the effects of the internal flow. In addition, comments about the numerical simulation of the pipe's mechanical behavior in the time domain are included.



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